phace – shape the random album – press release & minimix

In anticipation of Phace’s SHAPE THE RANDOM album release we are happy to share its offical press release.

“This record wasn’t calculated or über-conceptualised. The writing process was spontaneous, I let inspiration shape that and the recording sessions themselves. For me, art has to be original and arbitrary, almost random and not just functional – a strange science so to speak!” PHACE

‘Shape The Random’ is the fourth album from Phace, aka Florian Harres, the renowned German electronic music producer, DJ and label owner championed by the likes of Amon Tobin, Noisia, Skrillex, Andy C, Goldie, Friction, Rockwell, Black Sun Empire and beyond.

Phace’s own imprint, Neosignal Recordings, will release ‘Shape The Random’ on March 16th, preceded by a two track album sampler on February 16th (digital and vinyl formats).

Having worked on the album for over a year, he believes this LP to be both his best work so far and his most intense production experience to date. The 14 track album contains the cutting edge drum & bass music that’s become his signature, an uncompromising and original sound that combines twisted bass, rhythmical experimentation, high contrast ambience, deep cinematic themes, explosive energy, and elements of analogue tech and funk.

For further information on Phace and the album please contact:

Matt Learmouth @ Alchemy PR on: 020 8996 1520  /  or email


For Shape The Random tour/gig inquiries please contact Mark Bauer:  Tel. +44 20 8740 0533 /




/// Physical


NSGNLLP002S1 – Limited 12” Shape The Random Album Sampler Part 1 – Release 16.02.2015

(feat. My Mind is Modular / Monochrome)


NSGNLLP002S2 – Limited 2 x 12” Shape The Random Album Sampler Part 2 – Release 16.03.2015

(feat. Shape the Random, Digital Diet, Fraktal Total, The Mothership)


Compact Disc:

NSGNLCD002 – Shape The Random – Full Album – Release 16.03.2015



/// Digital

NSGNLLP002S1 – Shape The Random Album Sampler – Release 16.02.2015

(feat. My Mind is Modular / Monochrome)


iTunes:                  Phace Bandcamp:


NSGNLLP002 – Shape The Random – Full Album – Release 16.03.2015


iTunes:                      Phace Bandcamp:


Check out Phace’s Shape The RandomLP in 5 minutes minimix/medley here:







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