Mattia Pirrone aka Stoner is a 20 year old producer from the Italian town of Palermo.

Starting in 2012 he played drum and bass with the “DNB ATTACK” crew, one of the most active in the Italian scene with his mentor Dottor Poison, Stonic and Ethik. In 2013 -Kinetik Records- released his first EP “South of No North” and in 2014 “The Operation” EP. In the same year Maztek released “The Incal” EP for his Label -Subculture Music – receiving backing from the likes of Optiv & BTK – a big look!

Since 2014, Stoner has outputted some more EPs for the Italian label -BNC express- with tracks in collaboration with Dottor Poison like “Etica//Danger” EP , “Massa//Normalize” EP with Ethik and released “Spectra” on the “BNB express 100” compilation. In the same period he released for the Italian/Dutch label -Delta9 recordings- with the single track “Materia” a collab with Dottor Poison, Stoner is now working hard to create new sounds and exceed the standards of the genre to find an authentic expression of his musical vision.

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